Fast 9's Season Summary
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This being our first season with a fast-9’s team, we had anywhere between 4-9 players each week, and I cannot thank each of those players and families enough for the sensational way in which they embraced our team, our club and the game. If it was within my power (and let’s be honest – it is) to award one team a BREAKER Award, this would be that team without question.

Prior to this season – Josh, Rishi, Kanishk and Abhi all amazingly played in our U12 team the year before. We then learned that this new format was available and moved the boys into it to help with their learning and development for this season. Since then we welcomed Adam and Xavier for their first season, with Noraiz and Suar joining towards the end of the year. Special mention to young Oscar and Grace Newey for also joining us for one sensational game. This could be wrong, but I believe that means a Newey played in every available format of cricket for the club this season (junior, senior, veteran). What a fantastic symbolic effort given recent events.
Getting back to the team!

One of the proudest experiences this season has without doubt been the improvement from every player from round one to round 18. This is a testament to again all these amazing families and the boys together, that they have stuck it out through the season for the good and the bad and spurred each other on to improve.

Josh Gill’s evolution over the year to have dramatically improved his batting through his unwavering effort to improve and practice, practice and practice. Plundering 40no from the first innings of the year – unlike many other of the batters in our competition, right from round one he played the right shots and his class in that grade. Surprisingly and perhaps to his Dad’s dismay, Josh also has fantastic skills behind the stumps and may have a future as a wicket-keeper opening batsmen. Time will tell!

Adam Eveleigh is one of our new players this season and if you had have told me he had never played a game before this season I would have told you to stop lying. Adam’s love for the game, passion to improve and not let down his teammates, and continued improvement right from ball one of the season has been second to none. Whether keeping, bowling, fielding or sitting on the sidelines – it’s been a great all-round season for Adam and I have no doubt he has a bright future ahead.

Rishi plays the game with more confidence and enjoyment than you may expect for his young age, charging in almost off the fence and swinging the bat with intent to score from ball one – you can’t help but admire the way he goes about it. Always willing to listen and be first to put his hand up, Rishi really came out of his shell this season which was great to see and by the end of the year I hope he realizes how far he has come from round one as a cricketer and in the way he went about his cricket.

Xavier was another new player joining us this year, very fresh to the game but with more determination than anyone to listen, take on advice and feedback and improve himself every time he stepped up to train and play. Resilience is an amazing word to use for a 10year old but none fit him better than the way he pushed on and improved every week. Although he might not see it, there is a future 1st XI opening batter and bowler in there ready to jump ahead over the coming seasons!

Kanishk may have been the shortest player in the team at the start of the season, but his presence and performances as the season went on – grew with him. Swinging the ball both ways, batting through his innings twice in one game by the end of the season and growing his confidence along the way – this is another fantastic effort from one of the younger boys in the team! A super effort and one that rewarded him for all the practice over the season.

Abhinav or ‘Abhi’ as many of you might know him, has played more games of cricket with a smile on his face the whole time than anyone I’ve ever met. Laughing and enjoying the game with his team mates and talking to the opposition on a level that I’ve only ever seen from Damien Yze before – has been something to behold! Aside from that though, his skills with the ball, raw pace and by the end of the year in particular his batting came along in droves and he deserves the reward that came his way.

For Suar and Noraiz who joined us late in the year, it was great to have you become part of our team – I suspect that there is some more talent there and great kids that we will get to know more over the coming years. Thank you and we look forward to having you with us again next season!

Massive thank you to Chris Way who did an amazing job as team manager and rumour has it - as a possible team coach for next season! Chris you were a fantastic support and no question the team could not have run as smoothly without you. These roles are so important for our kids to enjoy the game as best they can and do take time from your day – so thank you!

Finally for our parents, Kiran who became our e-scoring champion – it was great to see you leading the way with this amongst all the teams and really taking it on, so thank you from us but also from all the other teams that you were able to assist with. Thank you to the whole Eveleigh clan – including Adam’s grandparents and brother for regularly being there either at training or games, the Sarath, Gattu and Gill clan’s for also really buying into the team and making it a fantastic way to spend an early Saturday morning! If we were rating team chemistry off field – without doubt we had the best of any team this season!!

Luckily for us, we also had The Big M helping us out through the season for some games as coach and he has very kindly included some words for the team as well!

This year we were a bit inconsistent with numbers. Typically, we expected to have 7 players turn up and represent East Box Hill. Fortunately, assistance was always offered by the opposition teams which was great for our kids and for the game. At times we even saw two Newey’s (Grace and Oscar) fill in on early Saturday mornings. We appreciated your presence!

I coached some old faces – Josh Gill, Rishi Sawant. I was surprised by Josh’s batting and Rishi’s bowling improvements. Kanishk and Abhi got on with their work quietly and let their batting do the talking. Adam had all the areas of the games covered – batting, bowling, and keeping. Xavier has continued to improve and surprised everyone once he unleashed his inner confidence. We were also delighted to have Suar join us in the latter half of the season.

I must also thank the parents who kept score, provided food, went on coffee runs and provided some coaching direction and action when things got emotional (I am talking about Andrew Gill). Thank you all for helping things runs smoothly. It was fun coaching the future of the club!

Thank you sincerely and we look forward to having all of you back and involved again for season 20/21!
Angus Gauld - Junior Coach

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Author: Angus Gauld