Doug McDonald Award


This award commemorates the passing of Doug McDonald a stalwart non playing member and is awarded to the most valuable player, determined by votes cast after each game by each team captain.


Doug McDonald Award - Two Day Teams

1990/91Jaqui Anstey
1991/92Lucy Gray, Dave Sharwood & Gavan Shelley
1992/93Britt Richards
1993/94Andrew Gill
Mick McCole & Peter McNamara
Chris Dalkin, Michael Vozzo
1996/97Emma Marcombe
1997/98Daniel Law
1998/99Mick McCole
1999/2000Andrew Gill
2000/01Wijay Periera
2001/02Andrew Bethune & Leigh Newey
2002/03Travis Rowe
2003/04Shane Hage
2004/05Andrew Gill
2005/06Mick McCole & Glenn Turner
2006/07Travis Rowe
2007/08Damien Yze
2008/09Riyaz Yoosuf
2009/10Travis Rowe
2010/11Travis Rowe
2011/12Hugh Cameron
2012/13Damien Yze
2013/14Chris Robertson
2014/15Tim Law
2015/16Nuwan Kavinda
2016/17Sanidu Ediriweera & Jonathan O'Meara
2017/18Andrew Bethune & Liam Cramer

Doug McDonald Award - One Day Teams

2001/02Pedro Perea
2002/03John Cutler
2003/04No Team
2004/05Mark Kenealy & Joe O'Loughlan
Jonathan O'Meara
John Cutler & Jonathan O'Meara
2007/08Jonathan O'Meara
2008/09Brendann Matthews
2009/10No Team
2010/11No Team
2011/12Adam Palma
2012/13Adam Palma
2013/14Jonathan O'Meara
2014/15Adam Palma
2015/16Christopher Borg
2016/17No Team
2017/18No Team
2018/19No Team


Adam Palma